Meet Our Captains

My name is Hunter Keogh. Being born and raised here in Alaska has been an amazing experience for me especially with the family that I have been raised with. My parents, being the avid outdoors man that they are, my siblings and I were always outside on an adventure, either hunting, fishing, or trapping. When I was 10 years old I started deck handing for my older brother, Levi Keogh, who was the captain at that time. Being his deck hand for 8 years he taught me things I use everyday, on and off of the water. With Levi as my mentor in the summer months, and my father, Lynn Keogh, as my mentor for the other 8 months, I had two of the very best teachers anyone could ever ask for in life, Teaching me things that took them years to learn. When I received my captains license at the age of 18, I had over 30 years of knowledge that had been taught to me by my family and by some very close friends that were also avid fisherman, outdoors men and captains. I have a deep passion for the ocean and what lurks beneath the surface. For those 4 months that I get to climb into that boat and do what I love to do, I am like a kid in a candy store, waking up every morning thinking about how I can put my clients on the fish that they have always dreamed of. That is what drives my passion for being a captain for my families business and motivates me to keep learning and improving on the techniques that I know and some that I don't. I strive to put the clients on my boat on the best fish that I possibly can. It does not matter if it is a Salmon, Halibut, or a Ling Cod, I want to catch the biggest and as many as possible on that day and everyday after that. With Kaylee Smith as my deck hand and my girl friend, we are one of the best teams out there to do just that. She was also born and raised here in Alaska and has fished ever since she was a young girl. Her father has taught her everything that he knows about catching Halibut and Ling Cod, and she is a great teacher for others. With my mother, Merry Keogh, as the glue of the operation, she can help find dates that work for you and can help you find lodging, dining and help schedule your entire trip. With out her we would all be one big disaster, she keeps us organized everyday, packs our lunches and sends us all off everyday with a big smile on our faces and is there to great us when we get back to the office in the evening. If you want to fish some fresh water, well here is where you will meet my father, Lynn Keogh, one of the best guides on the Kenai.  He will show you his experience and provide you with an incredible trip and can help you catch that King, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon or trophy Rainbow trout. Kaylee and I hope to see you aboard "The Hunter" this season.

All of us here at Key-O's are here to answer your questions and to make you a part of our Keogh fishing family.
Keep a Tight Line,
Captain Hunter Keogh

My name is Lynn Keogh and I was born and raised in Alaska.  I grew up fishing, hunting and
trapping with my family and continue these with my own family.  From my earliest years all I ever wanted to do
was hunt, fish or trap so when I was 20 years old I started guiding on the Kenai river, having fished it with my dad since I could walk,  it was the perfect fit for me.  I also started as an assistant hunting guide
in the spring and fall for additional income and after a few years applied for and received my registered guide license from the state of Alaska.
Having met my wife at one of those NORMAL jobs, that I never liked or could keep because of upcoming hunting or fishing seasons, we decided to expand the business to include halibut fishing.  We purchased a saltwater boat and opened a charter office in Ninilchik.  My wife
also quit her NORMAL job and we began over 30 years of sport fishing, which we raised our 3 children and now they are all Coast Guard licensed Captains.   We
are extremely proud of all 3 of our hard working kids, if something needs to be done we don’t have to ask twice
they jump right in and get the job done. 
Come join myself and our family for your Fishing Excursion of a Lifetime,